What Is the Difference Between commodity-grade and Engineering-Grade Plastic Resin?

What Is the Difference Between commodity-grade and Engineering-Grade Plastic Resin?

At Ballyhoo Plastics in Florida, we produce both commodity and engineering-grade plastics and are able to adapt to new processes and unique requests from our customers. We are a specialized plastic resin supplier in the USA and are prepared to meet your plastic resin needs. Here are the differences between commodity-grade and engineering-grade plastics that everyone should know. For inquiries, visit our website and contact us today!


Thermal Qualities

One of the biggest differences between commodity and engineering plastics is their thermal qualities. Commodity-grade plastics are used to produce containers of various kinds and therefore don’t need to be very heat resistant. Engineering plastics, on the other hand, are used in electronic applications, cars, and construction to name a few areas. These applications all need relatively high heat resistance, and engineering plastics are created to be able to withstand higher heat without deformation or molecular breakdown.


Mechanical Properties

Commodity plastics are usually formed and utilized on their own while engineering plastics are usually integrated into a system. This means that engineering plastics need to have self-lubricating properties, durability, and, in some cases, transparency to help the system to function smoothly. Commodity-grade plastics do not require any of these properties and, as a result, are softer and more pliable than engineering plastics.


Production Volume

Engineering-grade plastics are usually produced by plastic resin manufacturers in smaller batches due to their specialty and need for additives in the polymerization process. Because commodity-grade plastics do not require unique attributes for specific applications, they can be produced in large quantities for applications in food production, food storage, and a number of other household applications.



Because of the special treatment that goes into creating engineering-grade plastics, they often cost more to produce than commodity-grade plastics. This price difference comes from additives during the manufacturing process and the greater attention to detail it takes to produce engineering-grade plastics compared to commodity-grade plastics. For pricing details, contact us today!

As a top-rated plastic resin manufacturer, Ballyhoo Plastics is able to meet your needs no matter the request. If you are looking for a specific kind of resin to support your business or product line, partner with Ballyhoo Plastics today!