What is Ballyhoo?

Sounds like a silly word to most people but, a Ballyhoo is a fish, specifically a bait fish. Our motto is "Sometimes you have to use the small fish to catch the big ones," and that couldn't be more true of Ballyhoo Plastics.

We are the small fish in a large ocean of plastic companies and we use our size as our strength.

As a smaller company we can maneuver quickly, and can change directions as needed, to make sure the customer gets the best possible service.

Being a smaller company, we are able to focus on each client’s individual needs, and use our professional experience and passion for customer service, to ensure you receive the plastic services you have been looking for.

When you need high-quality plastic resins for your business, and want a company that you can rely on, then Ballyhoo Plastics is the perfect partner for you. Our Corpus Christi plastic company is dedicated to offering the highest quality plastic materials and professional plastic recycling.

View our online inventory to find the perfect plastic for your business, or contact Ballyhoo Plastics to answer any questions.

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