How Are Plastic Resins Made?

How Are Plastic Resins Made?

Plastic resins are used in everything from pill bottles, to milk containers and plastic grocery bags. At Ballyhoo Plastics, we are a top-rated nationwide plastic resin supplier and distributor, with customers all over the US. We are a smaller company that can change directions quickly and maneuver as the industry changes. We produce commodity and engineering-grade plastic resins, and are able to add in additives should you need something unique made. Here is how plastic resins are made and how they can serve your business. For questions regarding our products, contact us today!


Cracking Process

Initially, plastic resins start out as “feedstock,” which is essentially a byproduct of processing crude oil to produce gasoline and other petroleum products. This feedstock is pumped through a heating process called “cracking” to break down the feedstock into smaller particles. These particles are separated into their base particles and await the polymerization process.



Polymerization is essentially the process of creating larger molecules from base particles by adding in a catalyst. In the plastic resin process, different ratios of the four base particles above are combined with hydrogen and other catalysts to create different kinds of plastic resins. The specific ratio will depend on what kind of plastic is being made, and each plastic resin manufacturer will have a slightly different process, but these are the essentials. As one of the best plastics producers in the US, we take pride in our process. Ask us about how our plastics are made today!


Shaping The Plastics

Once the physical resins have been polymerized and are ready for production, they are molded into the container shapes that you are used to. They are a versatile material and can be formed into most shapes which is why they are widely used in the container industry. They can also be formulated to be used in military applications, engineering applications, and a number of other areas. Ballyhoo Plastics is prepared to create whatever kind of polymer you need to get the job done.



Additives are useful if you have a particular use in mind for your resin. Additives are added in with the catalysts to create a unique resin. These additives could be coloring, antimicrobial in nature, or even flame retardant. If you have a specific request, contact Ballyhoo today.

Plastic resins are used all over the world for a plethora of applications. That’s why at Ballyhoo Plastics, we take pride in quickly being able to change direction. No matter your request, we are prepared to meet your needs as a top-rated plastic resin manufacturer. Partner with Ballyhoo Plastics today!